Saturday, March 17, 2007


Sammy is taking dance lessons at the YMCA. She loves it, mainly because she gets to wear cute clothes. I love it because she finally gets to do something that is just for her. Jake has flag football and Jenny has horseback riding lessons. Up until now Sammy just sat and watched, and waited for, the others. Now she gets to dance. Her friend Joey is also in the class so she's very happy about that too. Today was her 2nd class. I forgot to take my big camera so I had to use my purse camera. It's not really great at taking pictures indoors-the flash didn't reach far enough. But here's one I managed to take. I fixed it a little with photoshop because it was really dark. I didn't get any front shots this time. Next week I'll be sure to take my big camera so I can get better pics (hopefully). Oh her skirt was a little bunchy. She's wearing her Hanna legwarmers-she wears those even when she's not dancing.


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