Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring IS coming!

OK I know it's premature, because it always gets cold again. But today was gorgeous! The temperature got up to at least 76 degrees. The kids were playing outside for a while (well Jenny did. Jake and Sammy played out there for about 30 minutes and then decided that the Gamecube sounded funner) and they even went out and played some more after we got back from swimming lessons. It's crazy the way the weather changes. I took this picture not long ago (maybe 3 weeks but it was still pretty darn cold a week ago)

And today it was shorts weather. Crazy. Speaking of shorts-well I didn't wear shorts but I did wear my new pink disney crocs. They're actually a darker pink than this-this pic is from the website (which is who I ordered them from). I wish they were the lighter pink. But they're still cute. Ü

This is my 5th pair of crocs. I guess I should ease up on the crocs buying.


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