Thursday, July 16, 2009

Edge burn-how to do it

I got a request on how to do the edge burn. I learned in a free class I'm taking from Jessica Sprague so I can't really duplicate her lesson here, but I will quickly tell how I did it in photoshop.

1. open your picture (I always duplicate it and close the original) and crop as desired.
2. I would probably sharpen at this point but I didn't do that.
3. Add a levels adjustment layer and move the center triangle to the right to darken your picture.
4. Click on the mask in the adjustment layer in the layers palette to be sure it's active.
5. Make sure your foreground color is black and the background is white.
6. Click on the gradient tool. Make sure that at the top, the circular gradient is selected and in the blend mode select multiply.
7. Click and hold on a spot at about the center of the picture and drag to the corner and let go. If you need to you can adjust that levels thing to darken more or less.
8. Using a soft black brush, brush over any areas in the center part (the part that is lighter) to lighten them further if desired.
9. I always save with layers intact as a psd and then I flatten and save as a jpg. Resize for the web if necessary.

Hopefully it is ok to post this. If not someone can let me know and I'll remove it. :)


CathyRose said...

Cool technique! I use Photoshop Elements. I will have to give it a try.

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