Thursday, May 20, 2010

So sorry for the down-time

I want to apologize for the cobwebs on my blog. The thing is, my computer died. **SOB** It kept shutting itself off and eventually, wouldn't even turn on. Luckily I have carbonite (which hopefully works) and I also was able to transfer some things onto my external drive but not everything (totally forgot to transfer my itunes stuff-doh!). So I tried all kinds of things with no luck and finally gave in and took it to the shop. My motherboard is fried. Well maybe not fried but it's messed up. So to replace that, they have to reload windows. UGH. I hate reloading programs. Luckily the shop will reload all of my documents and picture files but it's still going to be a gigantic pain in the butt.

So in the meantime, I have been using our laptop, which I hate. And not doing much of anything else other than some playing with my new sewing machine a little. I'm hoping to post something soon because my friend Joy (shift click to open in a new window) is coming out with a set of stamps for the Create a Critter cricut cartridge and I get to try them out soon!!

So I will just leave you with a cute pic of our dog as a puppy and again as a grownup (but she still acts like a puppy). That thing in her mouth is a Kong Wubba.


Cris A said...

Glad you're back, cute fur baby!

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