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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New additions

Check out our new babies!!
Lola (who belongs to Sammy and Jake):

Shadow (who belongs to Jenny):

both together

They are so cute and friendly (so far). They're both girls-they will hopefully always get along and will be spayed at around 6 mos. They are mini lops and are from the same litter. We originally planned to get a girl and a boy but it proved to be a big pain in the neck to divide the kennel to keep them separated so we got two girls instead. We've been preparing for these girls for a long time-building a hutch and putting together the kennel, and then reinforcing the kennel with layers of chicken wire and hardware cloth to keep critters out (and in). We designed our own hutch which is a double with removable walls and doors that double as ramps. It was a lot of work (the kids and I did most of the work on it) and I am covered with the scratches and cuts to prove it. Worth it though-these girls are so cute and sweet. We have had them for 3 days now and considering how long our hermit crabs lasted (or didn't last) I'm nervous but hopefully we're doing everything right.
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