Monday, June 10, 2013

This is Pete

I know this isn't a crafty post but I wanted to share our story about Pete. Pete's mom is a Hereford cow that belongs to my father-in-law. A couple of months ago she had twins and decided that was just way too much work. She took care of the little heifer (girl) calf but pushed the little bull (boy) calf away. Poor thing. :( So since my husband also raises cattle, he brought him home so we could feed him with a bottle, and then a bucket. Hence the term "bucket calf". Pete took to the bottle well, despite some mess:

The bucket, not so much. At any rate we did manage to get some food into him and he grew. Now he is an old pro and even eats a little grain and grass. He's about 2.5 months old now. Here is a picture of him with my daughter, who is in charge of afternoon watering:

In the pasture, looking cute (this is his one and only talent):

And being a typical cow-nosy!

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