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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Older than dirt...

It's official-I am disgustingly old. I got my first bifocals today. They aren't really SUPER bifocal-ly and the optometrist said I was on the brink of not needing them. But I figured it was time to stop having to take off my glasses and put stuff right up to my eyes to read tiny type like ingredient lists (which I read a lot of) so I got them. I picked them up today-I got this frame:

Which is a Vera Bradley with the Java Blue design on the sides. I didn't set out to get Vera Bradley, but they just so happened to be the ones that I liked and felt most comfortable in. As a bonus, they match my Java Blue Villager bag which I carry in the winter. Oh and they were 20% off. Can't pass up a sale. They put an ultra light (high index?) lens in because I'm practically blind and a 'progressive' bifocal which might as well be a trifocal. Not too easy to get used to but hey, it's the first day.

So anyway they did adjust them some but they need tightened because they keep sliding down my nose. It is really really annoying so I did the ultimate dork thing. I found Jake's elastic band that he uses on his glasses when he plays football and put it on my glasses. They are a bit plastered to my face now but they aren't sliding down. I won't wear the strap in public but until I go back and have these adjusted again (tomorrow) it is staying. At least it matches-it's about the same turquoise color as the design on the sides of my glasses.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Working on my room

I haven't made anything lately because I've been doing some work in my craft room. We (Steve and I) extended the table back to the wall, I painted it, and I got a couple of new organizing things. Here is the before pic. Note that my desk was VERY messy when I took this picture. This is how it looks most of the time because I tend to wait until it's so bad I can't do anything before I start putting stuff away. I'm working on this because I like it better not messy. Now my desk will always look somewhat messy because I have a lot of stuff and I like it to be around me. Which means it's all over my desk. But this was pretty darn bad and I can't believe I'm even showing it. I took this picture a few months ago and didn't save it in a big size so it's hard to see the detail but trust me, it's bad. By the way that paper is over my lamp because the bulb sticks out and blinds me so I had to make a makeshift shade for it. I'm shopping for a new lamp.

This is after SOME of what I'm doing. I still need to install new pegboards on the back and I'll replace that magnet board with a smaller one that I can hang. The one I have is just resting on my table and when I go to take something off of it, it falls over. Anyway so far I think it's better. It couldn't get any worse. Like I mentioned I added about 6" to the back of it (it was about that far from the wall and everything always fell down the back. But I couldn't get it closer because...well it's complicated. I just couldn't.) I painted it all white and the pegboard will be white as well. I'll be painting that ledge and maybe decorating it with something-probably Hello Kitty. I bought some Hello Kitty fabric to make a chair cushion too. I love Hello Kitty.

So anyway I will update as I go. I'm planning to paint my other furniture (chair, rest of the desk (it's an L shape), sewing desk) white also and then use pink and green decorations. Then maybe I can actually get something done.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Surprise in my mailbox!!

I got a nice surprise in my mailbox today:

It seems that the Scor-Pal fairy decided to bless me with a brand spankin' new SCOR-PAL! Plus she included a Scor-mat and a spare scoring tool! I am so excited to try this out. I am in the middle of some serious scrap room reorganizing but I'm going to make something soon anyway. I'll just have to make it in the living room or something. I actually have the Scor-it tool but there have been a ton of threads at Splitcoast Stampers about the Scor-pal and everyone raves about it. So lately when someone has asked about it, I always reply that I didn't have it and never tried it but had never read a single negative review of it. Well I don't know if that was why I was given this or not but I will obviously continue to tell people about the Scor-Pal!

Now this is a pay-it-forward RAK which means that I'll be doing a giveaway as well! Since I'm a Stampin' Up demonstrator I am going to wait until the new catalog comes out in mid-August and then I'll pick something out of it to give away on my blog. Stay tuned!
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