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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Older than dirt...

It's official-I am disgustingly old. I got my first bifocals today. They aren't really SUPER bifocal-ly and the optometrist said I was on the brink of not needing them. But I figured it was time to stop having to take off my glasses and put stuff right up to my eyes to read tiny type like ingredient lists (which I read a lot of) so I got them. I picked them up today-I got this frame:

Which is a Vera Bradley with the Java Blue design on the sides. I didn't set out to get Vera Bradley, but they just so happened to be the ones that I liked and felt most comfortable in. As a bonus, they match my Java Blue Villager bag which I carry in the winter. Oh and they were 20% off. Can't pass up a sale. They put an ultra light (high index?) lens in because I'm practically blind and a 'progressive' bifocal which might as well be a trifocal. Not too easy to get used to but hey, it's the first day.

So anyway they did adjust them some but they need tightened because they keep sliding down my nose. It is really really annoying so I did the ultimate dork thing. I found Jake's elastic band that he uses on his glasses when he plays football and put it on my glasses. They are a bit plastered to my face now but they aren't sliding down. I won't wear the strap in public but until I go back and have these adjusted again (tomorrow) it is staying. At least it matches-it's about the same turquoise color as the design on the sides of my glasses.


t said...

Oh sistah. I am sooo with you on the new glasses! Yours are so sweet. Unlike you, I refuse to buy a cord to hang em off my neck. I will wait a decade or two for that!

Love your blog!

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