Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo editing-exposure, brightness and contrast

I'm taking another class at Jessica Sprague's website. This time it's photo editing. It's high time I learned how to use Photoshop properly. So this is the first lesson-exposure, brightness and contrast. My very first try at one of my own pics so I'm sure it could be a lot better. I have a lot of pictures to practice on. So this is a picture of my son holding the flowers we bought for my daughter's dance recital last summer.



I know it looks like I only have one kid but really I have more. It's just that this one is the easiest to take pictures of. I'll be trying to use more of my older photos (from when my girls would actually look at me to get their picture taken) later in the lessons.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The whole nine yards

This class combined a bunch of things we'd done already plus overlays. So it had a clipping mask, textures, text, edge burn, plus the overlay. I am loving this class. It's so easy to follow and understand. Also someone asked about doing them in Photoshop Elements. There are videos for that but I've only been watching the Photoshop ones so I don't know the method in PSE.

The original:

the edited copy:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Edge burn-how to do it

I got a request on how to do the edge burn. I learned in a free class I'm taking from Jessica Sprague so I can't really duplicate her lesson here, but I will quickly tell how I did it in photoshop.

1. open your picture (I always duplicate it and close the original) and crop as desired.
2. I would probably sharpen at this point but I didn't do that.
3. Add a levels adjustment layer and move the center triangle to the right to darken your picture.
4. Click on the mask in the adjustment layer in the layers palette to be sure it's active.
5. Make sure your foreground color is black and the background is white.
6. Click on the gradient tool. Make sure that at the top, the circular gradient is selected and in the blend mode select multiply.
7. Click and hold on a spot at about the center of the picture and drag to the corner and let go. If you need to you can adjust that levels thing to darken more or less.
8. Using a soft black brush, brush over any areas in the center part (the part that is lighter) to lighten them further if desired.
9. I always save with layers intact as a psd and then I flatten and save as a jpg. Resize for the web if necessary.

Hopefully it is ok to post this. If not someone can let me know and I'll remove it. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

photo editing class-burned edges

Here is the picture for today's class. This picture has no post processing other than the burned edges. Isn't it gorgeous?? I took it at the White River Gardens-they have a butterfly dome there.



Monday, July 13, 2009

Photo lesson-adding text

Today's lesson is adding text to a photo. I've done this a lot (not with photos but with graphics-my blog is proof) but I still learned a few things. I also used a couple of previous lessons to tone down the color and add a texture to my pic. Believe it or not this cat in the picture never ran away from the kids despite all the lovin' from them. He is now almost 20 lbs and they still pick him up and he still loves it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wow! Win a new lens!!

I found this via a friend on facebook so I went to the blog. I think I've been to this blog before-it looks very familiar. So anyway I'm posting about it here. :)

WIN AN SLR LENS: Brand New Tamron Lens – 18-270mm or 28-300mm

the details plus how to enter (copied from the mcpactions blog):
I am very excited to have my 1st BIG lens give away on the blog. Tamron USA, Inc. is sponsoring the MCP contest for a brand new lens. The WINNER chooses from the 18-270mm (for a crop sensor Nikon or Canon) or the 28-300mm (for a full frame Nikon or Canon).

This would be an amazing lens to have for travel when changing prime lenses is inconvenient. I can just picture this lens on a trip to Disney World.

To enter, you will need to do the following:

- Post to your blog, twitter and/or facebook about this contest (let people know how to enter and provide a link)

- Come back here and leave a comment writing where you posted (with link so that it can be verified if your post is picked from the random drawing)

- In your comment, please write why you want to win this lens, where you would want to most the lens, and for fun tell us how many lenses you currently own.

To qualify, you must:

- Have a US mailing address that the lens can ship to – this can be yours or a friend or relative but make sure you have one prior to entering (Tamron USA is only authorized to sell and distribute in the US)

- Have a Camera that works with Tamron Lenses. If you do not have a Nikon or Canon SLR, a similar range lens for Pentax or Sony will be substituted.

- Do all the above items explained in the “enter section.”

- Please do not add comments more than once. I approve all comments to limit spam (unless have commented and been approved on another post in recent days). I will approve posts at least once every 12 hours - if not sooner. So be patient and check back. If you see your comment is on many times, email me and let me know what name was used and what post numbers, so I can delete the duplicates in fairness to all.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

next photo lesson

The lesson for today is to use a special texture that makes a picture look like an old fashioned photo (dirt and all. lol) Here are my projects-no originals this time. Too lazy. The project also included adding a brush, word art, etc. I added the brushes but I honestly think I prefer them without.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo Editing class

I'm taking a free photo editing class from Jessica Sprague. Today's class is the coolest one yet-using textures. Here's my class project (#1-there are 2 more for this class but I haven't done them yet). I think it turned out so neat! The top pic is the original and the bottom is the one with 3 textures applied and tweaked. Oh I also used a Pioneer Woman action to convert to b&w and then I reduced the opacity on some layers so it was a tiny bit colored. That was before I applied the textures.

I highly recommend her classes. Many are not free but she does have some free tutorials. I think that this class is worth money so I'll be taking at least another one (not a free one) with her.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!

And a blast from the past! Since I'm still being so unproductive I decided to share this layout I made a couple years ago. The pictures were taken 6 yrs ago but as you can see, I'm slow. So anyway this is all vintage! hehe! Remember Fresh Cuts? I used those as well as papers from Current Catalog and Lasting Impressions and letters from Scrap Pagerz stencils. The funny thing is, I still have all this stuff. Wait. That's actually kinda sad.

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