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Sunday, September 9, 2007

More puppy pictures

First of all I didn't realize that I didn't even mention our new puppy's name in my other blog post. Oops! thanks to my friend Krista for pointing that out to me. Anyway her name is Daisy. Not terribly original but it's a cute name and we all agreed on it (unlike the other 30 something names the kids picked out). We took her to Jake's football practice on Thursday and I took a few pictures. I am finding that the only way to get a decent picture is to use the continuous mode on my camera (which still isn't foolproof).

These first two were taken when we first got there. She seemed very fascinated by the clicking of the shutter.

Here she is with a big stick she found. Like most puppies she picks up and chews everything she sees.

And here she is looking very entranced by the kids practicing football.

We are also in the process of switching her off of Purina Puppy Chow and onto something better. I always thought Purina was pretty good food. After doing a ton of research (I was actually trying to find out exactly how much to feed her since the bag says 1-2/3 cups to 5 cups for her size/age. That is a pretty big range) I found that brands like Purina, Hills (Science Diet), Iams, even Eukanuba have a lot of fillers in them. Puppy Chow's first ingredient is corn and it should be some kind of meat. We first started to switch to Nutro Natural Choice but then I found out they use peanut flour in some of their biscuits. We don't need Jenny having a contact reaction from handling the food (possibly cross contaminated at the factory) or the puppy so we are switching again to Canidae. The bad thing about all this is that none of the decent foods are available nearby. Thank goodness for the internet! Oh and the better foods seem to cost more but they actually aren't that much, if any, more expensive. You feed less because less of it goes straight through the dog (I have proof if anyone wants to see it. ugh). So in the long run it is not that expensive. Now we just have to teach her some manners-mainly not nipping everyone and everything in sight and not jumping up on people.


Gab said...

What a sweetie! How fun!!

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