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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Halloween catch-up

I know, it's 2 weeks past halloween (almost). I need to blog more but I'm going to make a big excuse here-I hate logging onto blogger. It takes forever. Apparently google hates me now because it takes about 10 tries to log into gmail or blogger and when I finally do, they insult me with the "this is taking way too long-perhaps you'd like to use our option for ultra slow connections-the dreaded html mode". I don't like html mode-I'm not used to it. Anyway that's my excuse. And I have no idea why I made two different google accounts (one for gmail and one for blogger) because if I used the same account, I could just stay logged in.

Halloween was pretty much the same as every other halloween. We went to some friends' houses and grandmas where the kids got candy, soda and money. I am adding a picture of all three kids in their costumes. Jenny insisted on being a tiger. Guess what-there is no such thing as a big-kid tiger costume. Anywhere. I could not talk her into being something else so I had to MAKE her costume. I bought the amount of fabric on the pattern because I didn't want to run short. I only used half of it. I guess we'll have a few tiger striped pillows around the house now. And she has some spiffy new tiger striped pajamas. The paint is regular halloween face paint and I found a site online that showed how to apply it. It looked better in real life-the camera flash made the white part look whiter than it really is. Sammy was easy-she was a ballerina/bunny. She already has all the ballet paraphernalia so I just had to shell out $4 for bunny ears, tail and bowtie. She didn't want her face painted, which is a shame because it would have been much easier than the tiger face. Jake loves ready-made costumes, thank goodness. He was the blue power ranger and he also had a gen-yoo-wine power rangers gun/sword weapon. Cool! I added a picture of Jake by himself since he didn't have his mask on when I took the group picture (how did I not notice that??)


Sophie LaFontaine said...

The tiger costume you made is totally cool! Love how she is actually crouching like a tiger too!

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