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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scrapping old pictures

It's a lot more fun to scrap new pics. But hey, those old ones need to be done too right? So I grabbed a page protector that has pics and papers that I picked out years ago. At the time I tried to match papers and then put the pictures and the papers, and a sketch if I had one in mind, in page protectors to make it easier to scrap them. I guess it was my lame attempt at some organization. Since I only did about three of them it didn't last long. So anyway I decided I was in the mood to do a layout tonight. I didn't have any new pictures picked out so I just picked one of those page protectors. The paper is a bit....old. And I didn't use all that I had picked out. But I was able to put this together in just a few minutes using my computer for the journaling and my cricut for the letters (did I ever mention how much I love my cricut??). I originally journaled right on the patterned paper but it was nearly impossible to read so I redid it on vellum (in keeping with my "old supplies" theme) and pasted it on top with some vellum glue dots. Even though it looks a bit "yesterday" I thought it came out ok and the main thing is, it's done! Here's a pic of it-click on it if you want to see it bigger.


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