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Thursday, January 28, 2010

More storage

Here are a few more pics of my storage. Tomorrow I'm going to post a tutorial to make a cupcake pincushion-my first tutorial. Hope I don't mess it up! So anyway on to the storage photos:

This is my Pampered Chef tool turnabout. I covered it with batting and fabric and some ribbon. I keep rulers and other tall things in the center section, handheld punches in the middle row and miscellaneous tools in the outer section. In front of it is a glass prima bottle that I keep my mono multi glue in. It keeps it upside down and ready to use but it catches any glue that dribbles out. Those square things underneath are a couple of plastic tray things I got in a mystery box. At first I thought "what are these lame things?" but it turns out I use them a lot. I use them for holding small items while I'm working on something and also when I'm working on something that requires a paintbrush I put a folded up paper towel in them to blot it on. They are really handy and if I ever broke or lost them I wouldn't even know where to look to find more.

This is a metal silverware bucket I found at Target. It's pink on the inside but you can't see that. The sticker was made with sizzlits dies and vinyl. It was a pain in the butt to make. But it's cute. I keep my prismacolor pencils, blending stumps, hot knife, some of my paintbrushes and my corner chomper in it. Plus a few other miscellaneous things.

This is my copic storage. I've weeded out about a third of my markers to see if I can live without them. If I can, they are outta here. To the left, on the desktop, is a stack of tins from the Target dollar spot-I use the top one to hold glues and the ones underneath for various projects like holding cards in progress, supplies while I'm using them, etc. Next to that is a little metal drawer thing. I keep a few stamps (neglected ones that I need to try to use more often) in the drawers and notepads on the middle shelf and inkpads (ones I'm using and don't want to put away right away but need them off my table) on top. On top of the copic shelves I keep some of my 6 x 6 paper packs (I keep the extras in a drawer), a tin with my smaller acrylic blocks, my mini xyron and a pouch that holds my SU markers. It was a gift (one of many) from my friend Siobhan. In the extra cubbies I keep my longer acrylic blocks, spica pens, kai scissors, stamp-a-ma-jig and some other miscellaneous stuff.

This is a magnet board I have above my desk. I keep these bulldog clips on it to hold stuff plus some mm baskets and other magnetized things. On the notepad on the far left, I've written down all of my goodies that I sometimes neglect to use. When I make a card I look at the list to decide what to use-some of it is stuff I always forget I have so it helps me to use that stuff. The container of stamps is a small SU stamp case which holds the stamps I use on the backs of cards. I glued a couple of magnets on the back of it to hold it up there. The magnet is from Siobhan. The white cards behind the pink stickers (in the bulldog clip) are half sheets of cardstock on which I punched out my punch shapes and then laminated them. I have bought more punches since I made that so it's pretty outdated. The marks on the board are where the paint is coming off. I didn't let the paint cure before putting the magnets on it. Oops.

This is my ATG gun and the stand. I bought the stand from molly-moo at SCS. Also there is a cup of pens, pencils, tweezers, a craft knife, and some other junk that I like to keep handy. Toward the left there you can see this foam thing that came in a pack of brads that I use to stick pins into. Before I started using this I lost pretty much every pin that I put on my desk.

My big shot-just because it's so cute. In a future post I'll show how I store my dies and plates.


Deb said...

Great must love Hello Kitty! My granddaughter would love all of that. LOL!

scubasubie said...

I love all of your storage ideas!!! Great job. And I love all of the Hello Kitty.

The Mama Monkey said...

**grins** I am so glad you liked the loot! :) And I knew you liked HK, but I now know just how much! You go girl!!

CathyRose said...

Hello? (Kitty) Lol, how cute is your working area? Thanks for sharing the photos. I really enjoyed seeing all your HK things.

Anonymous said...

This is great. Very organized. I love your big shot! I love pink.

Joy said...

So, so cute! I wish I had a ATG gun holder. Waaaa!!!

Rachel H. said...

Hi Gale! I was so tickled to see the ATG stand I made you on your blog. I love the Hello Kitty you added to is just too precious. :) Thanks for sharing my SCS name, too.

Rachel H. (aka Molly-Moo)

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