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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please stand by

and excuse the construction. I'm working on my blog and it's a big change-I'm switching to a 3 column layout like I've seen on some other blogs. The main reason is because my left column ends up so long even when viewing a single post. So hopefully anyone who reads this won't hate it and I won't hate it. So as I get it done the blog might look a bit funky at times. Just disregard.

edited to add: I'm still working on it but it's late so I'm off to bed. The sidebar titles are too big-I need to make them smaller.


Dion said...

LOVE your blog!!! I am now following you too (Got it from

How do you get your signature with the heart at the end? I absolutely love it!

Looks fantastic!


Naomi said...

I want to do a 3 column as well. I haven't had the time yet, though.

CathyRose said...

The blog is looking really good. I love Hello Kitty and the colors you used.

Louise F NZ said...

Love the new look. I switched to 3 coloumn too, so happy blogger finally offer it as standard.

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