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Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Tidings of Great Joy! -- Advent Calendar

We were shopping at a quilt shop and saw this advent calendar displayed. I thought it was pretty cute, and I like the designer, Nancy Halvorsen, a lot. So I bought the panel for it. I fused the shapes to green felt and trimmed around them (you can't see the felt). The buttons are from my stash-some from bazzill, one from stampin' up and some from walmart. The entire panel is a cheater-it's all printed on and I just sewed it up with some batting inside and quilted it (around the printed designs) and sewed the buttons on. I took this picture with all the shapes on it but took them all off and the kids put on one shape each day until Christmas Eve. They like it and have no idea kids all over the world are getting candy or a small toy in their advent calendars each day. So don't anyone spill the beans, please. ;)


jimlynn said...

"Cheater" or not - it's beautiful! Love it.

Naomi said...

Wow. I vow to do some type of advent calendar next year! We have so many traditions we do with the kids, but have never done this one. I LOVE this.

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