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Monday, March 3, 2014

Fabric covered photo boxes - a tutorial

Here's a quick and easy tutorial to cover standard sized photo boxes with fabric. I used fat quarters from Stampin' Up for these, which are very generously sized fat quarters. I don't even think they can legally be called a fat quarter. With regular ones be sure they will fit over the photo box. You should be able to cover one box bottom with a single standard sized unwashed fat quarter. If it's been washed, it may have shrunk so be sure to check the fit. You'll also need a fat quarter for the top. I was able to do two tops per fat quarter but again, these Stampin' Up ones are much bigger than normal.

Mod Podge is also necessary for gluing on the fabric, along with an applicator (I used a foam brush).

Before you start, remove any hardware from the box. Mine had label holders that I had to pry off.

Step 1: measure your fabric if necessary. Make sure it will go around the box and overlap by about an inch on all 4 sides. Same with the top. Cut off any excess. In this picture I'm measuring only the length of the fabric. Then I checked the width.

Step 2: brush glue onto the bottom of the photo box and place it on the center of the fabric.

Step 3: use a ruler as shown to make a mark about 3/4" outside the edges of the box. Mark it at the edge of the fabric. Repeat for all 4 corners. (for the lid, make the mark at about 1/2")

Step 4: draw a line from the corner of the box to the mark.

Step 5: cut on the drawn line, and then cut across, leaving a flap that is about 1" (see the dark lines shown on the picture below)

after the cuts (this photo is flipped):

Step 6: Brush glue onto the long sides of the box (one at a time) and fold up the sides. Be sure to apply glue wherever the fabric will lay, including inside the box. Fold the fabric to the inside of the box and glue it down, keeping the corners as smooth as possible.

Step 7: On the end flaps, apply a little bit of glue to the sides and fold them like this:

Step 8: apply glue to the box ends and fold up the fabric ends. Be sure to glue inside the box and fold over the excess fabric.

Here is the finished box:

Make the lid the same way but be sure to measure 1/2" in step 3 instead of 3/4". Also, be sure the corners are as smooth as possible on the inside so the lid will fit on the box.

finished lid:

And here is the finished box, complete with tight-fitting lid.

hint: I hate washing dried mod podge off my hands, so I wear disposable rubber gloves when doing the gluing part. Also, be sure to let the glue dry thoroughly before putting the lid on the box. Otherwise you may never get it back off.

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh my i toally love this and thanks for the tutorial - going to book mark this one

Marcy said...

This is such a beautiful way to cover up your boxes! I have a lot and would like to try this. Thanks so much for the great tutorial! :)

Chris said...

Great tutorial, will definitely be using this one!

Becky said...

Oh man, this is awesome!! Love the fabric too!!

Chris Dring said...

Wow! What a pretty gift box this would make! Thanks for the tutorial!

Unknown said...

Great tutorial, Gale! I totally pinned it! :) Super hugs, Joy

PikkuLilla said...

So gorgeous. Great work, and a nice simple tutorial.


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