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Saturday, June 2, 2007

New blog to share

Since I have nothing else to share I'll share this site I found. I have been working on my stuff, but only sporadically. We had a pretty busy week. We did go shopping yesterday which was nice-the kids all behaved pretty well, considering. We went to find dance shoes for Sammy. We didn't find any-the store didn't have the right color ballet shoes and they didn't have the right size tap shoes. Suprisingly Sammy didn't cry-she was really looking forward to getting those shoes. Maybe it was because she got a brand new Arielle swimsuit from the disney store, complete with matching towel. She's been wearing that suit since we got home yesterday and no, we don't have a pool set up. She has barely even been outside. She just simply loves the suit. I also got a new swivel sweeper, which works great.

Anyway I wanted to share this blog. I found it a long time ago through an email or something, and downloaded one of the free patterns. I never really explored it much and never went back to it until tonight, when I was looking for the address for someone else. After looking through the tutorials and a few of the posts I bookmarked it. The lady who owns this blog designs fabric for Free Spirit Fabrics. She has some really cute pincushion patterns in the current issue of Quilts and More that I'm going to try to make. Here is the site: Heather Bailey Designs. Once I'm allowed to buy fabric again, I think I'm going to get some of her Fresh Cut line.


Rebecca said...

congrats on your new blog!

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