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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The cricut (cricket)

I bought a new cricut at walmart on black friday. I always thought I would never get one since I have the craft robo. I never use the craft robo though. My computer isn't in my scrap room and when I'm in there scrapping, someone else is on the computer. I never wanted to kick someone off only to take an hour or more trying to find the file I wanted to cut, figure out size, placement, etc, dig out the machine, cut (usually took a couple of tries because the settings needed adjusting), etc. So when I read that the cricut was going to be cheap (compared to full price) at walmart I jumped on it. It came with two cartridges and I thought-oh that's plenty for now. WRONG. I ended up ordering (at very good prices) several cartridges. The cricut is SO easy to use and fast too! I don't mind having only the cartridge shapes/letters to choose from because, frankly, I'm better with less to choose from. It would take me forever to pick something to cut with the craft robo-in fact I would just give up sometimes and not bother to use it at all. So anyway we've been cricutting a lot of stuff but nothing had been scanned. Sammy made this card today for her dance teacher using the paper dolls cartridge. It has glitter on it but the scanner makes the glitter look funny. It is cute in real life and Sammy is so excited to give it to her teacher.


Jenn said...

LOVE the card! I got a Cricut for Christmas and think it's awesome. I use the paper doll dies from Sizzix but think I'm going to get this cartridge.

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