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Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's over-finally!!

Christmas, that is. The big holiday is over and the living room is full of toys and empty boxes. Today I'm throwing out all the empty boxes and throwing the toys in the kids' rooms so we can walk around again. Here is what everyone got:
Steve got a tool set, back massager thing that sits in a chair, calendar, jeans and socks (he's not easy to buy for). I got a cd, brain age (I have no nintendo ds but hey, that's a minor detail. I just use the kids' ds units), cricut cartridge (cuttin' up), 3 books, 2 applique books and we got a gift card and some money from his brother to share (but I probably won't share). Jenny got an American Girl doll, hawaiian doll outfit, cooking mama 2 ds game, build a bear ds game, 3 books, jibbitz, sweatshirt, discovery channel living with tigers dvd, American Girl get better set (has all the supplies for the injured American girl doll), 3 die cast Disney cars, American Girl hair care set, and bunch of gift cards and cash. Sammy got an American Girl doll, Littlest Pet Shop Biggest Littlest Pet Shop, 3 littlest pet shop toys in her stocking, 3 books, puppy bowl dvd, mario party ds game, jibbitz, sweatshirt, American Girl doll ballet outfit, LPS (littlest pet shop) Whirl Around Playground and Leapin' Lagoon, and bunch of gift cards and cash. Jake got a Science Lab kit complete with personalized lab coat, remote control helicopter (this is really fun), tshirt, 3 books, mario party ds game, mario kart ds game, Discovery Channel Chased By Sea Monsters dvd, jibbitz, 3 die cast Disney cars, Monopoly and Sorry Express, Nintendo Monopoly, and bunch of gift cards and cash. The family got the first season of Meerkat Manor and a set of Discovery Channel "best of" dvds. Santa is sending a Wii for the whole family but it is going to be about a week late. That means we get to listen to a whole week of "IS IT HERE YET???" Daisy (the puppy) got a bratty cat seen here:

and the cat got a pouch of tuna fish (much better than a toy, for him).
I think everyone made out pretty good this year. Santa even left this picture of Rudolph for the kids:


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