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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pork chops and Movie time

First the Pork Chops. This is a really good and easy recipe for the crock pot. I got it from a Taste of Home magazine a LONG time ago. We had this tonight for supper. The original recipes calls for thickening the sauce at the end but I don't bother. If you want to just add some water mixed with cornstarch (probably about 1/2 cup water with a couple of tablespoons of cornstarch) at the end, turn the crock pot on high, and cook until it's thickened a little.

Tangy Pork Chops
4 pork chops
1 large onion, cut up
1 stalk celery, cut up (if you don't have this just leave it out-I almost never have celery on hand)
1/4 cup ketchup
1 can diced tomatoes
2 tbs brown sugar
2 tbs apple cider vinegar
2 tbs worcestershire sauce (I use Angostura brand)
1 tbs lemon juice

Put the pork chops in the crock pot. Put the onions and celery on top of them. Mix the rest of the ingredients and pour over the top. Cook on high for an hour or so and then low for about 5 hours. Serve over rice.

Now the movies.

We like to watch movies so we have a Netflix membership. It's so nice not having to drive to town to return movies and nice not to buy movies that we really don't have room for. So anyway, we get a lot of older movies from them. Last week it was kind of funny-we got two movies that were both about someone breaking out of jail. Both were pretty good movies too.

First we watched The Count of Monte Cristo. I had never heard of this movie (I had heard of the book and it turns out the movie has been done more than once) but I think netflix recommended it or something. Anyway it was a really good movie about a guy whose friend betrays him, he gets thrown in prison (where he is abused, of course) and he manages to break out and get revenge. Then the next night we watched Midnight Express. This is *loosely* based on a true story and was a very good movie, but from what I understand it is not completely factual. I think I'm going to get the book and read it. Anyway it's about a guy that tries to smuggle some hash out of Turkey and gets caught. They decide to make an example of him but he manages to escape and get back home to the US.

Tonight we watched an old classic-An American Werewolf in London. I saw that at the movies when it first came out and decided Steve needed to see it too. Great fun movie. A couple of days ago we watched another old one-The Falcon and the Snowman. Another movie based on a true story and while it was extremely slow, it wasn't a bad movie. I did read up on the characters afterwards and it really is weird how the one guy broke out of jail, committed more than a dozen robberies, got caught again, and is now out on parole. WHAT? And he was originally supposed to serve 40 years (20 with good behavior, I guess). The other guy got a life sentence and I think he only served about 12 yrs of it. Weird justice system. I thought treason was a more serious crime than that. Maybe in the 70's it wasn't.

Other movies we loved are the Bourne movies. They were really good and unlike a lot of sequels, we thought the 2nd and 3rd were nearly as good as the first.

We are now waiting on Oceans Eleven (and if we like that we'll get the sequels to it too). If anyone has some great movie recommendations I'd love to hear them. We have seen so many movies that we hadn't heard of or thought we'd like based on Netflix recommendations and liked pretty much all of them.


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