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Sunday, March 30, 2008


I guess I've been tagged! I just remembered that I actually got tagged last summer but it was right before we left for vacation so I was going to do whatever it was I was supposed to do when I got back. Well I totally forgot! I feel awful-what a horrible person I am. So anyway I've been tagged again and this time I'm going to do it right. My good friend Cyndi tagged me. You have GOT to read her blog-she is hilarious and is one of the best scrappers I know. She is amazing. So anyway, copied and pasted directly from Cyndi's blog-here are the tag rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and leave a comment on their Blog. 2. Post the rules on your Blog. 3. Share 7 random facts about yourself on your Blog 4. Tag 7 random people, linking to their Blog. Let each person know by leaving a comment on their Blog.

Ok 7 random facts. Wow. I'm such an uninteresting person I don't know what to write! Ok here goes:

1. I live on a working farm. My husband is a full time farmer, one of the few left in this country.
2. Each of my kids has a different eye color. Not different on each kid though. One has brown eyes, one has blue eyes and one has hazel eyes. I'm no science expert but this seems weird.
3. I am addicted to playing 7 Wonders of the Ancient World on the Nintendo DS. Never mind that I don't own a DS. I have to wait until my kids go to bed and play theirs.
4. When I was around 10 yrs old my sister and I leased horses at a stable at an air base on Okinawa. We had no supervision, rode bareback, sometimes without even a bridle, didn't wear any protective gear, fell off on a regular basis (at least I did), and somehow managed to survive. I even got kicked in the leg and still have the dimple in my fat leg to prove it.
5. I graduated from high school with an honorable mention. This is kinda ironic because I'm so scatterbrained it's not funny. Kinda dumb too.
6. Reggie Miller, from the Indiana Pacers, went to the same junior high school that I went to. He was in my PE class. Small world how we both started out in Riverside California and ended up in Indiana.
7. I cannot have my feet touched. It's just one of my quirks and is a very serious one. You know that scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where Andy kicks the girl in the face when she tries to suck on his toes? I can relate. I don't even like to touch them.

7 blogs. This is tough because I don't actually read a lot of blogs. It's because I am on dialup and it's really hard to read blogs when they take forever to load or just simply don't load. Anyway I'll try. I'm not going to tag any blogs that Cyndi tagged. I'll leave comments tomorrow or the next day. It's getting late.

1. Mollie
2. Melissa
3. Mitzi
4. Lissa
5. Angie
6. Robyn
7. Shell


Tanya said...

Lol, Gale, I didn't know that Cyndi had tagged you and I tagged you too! :)

Mitzi Koons said...

Oh you got me :o) I think I've been tagged twice now...better get on it!

Thanks Gale!!

Melissa Boo said...

Okay I posted. I don't use the other blog anymore though.

Here you go.

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