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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sick house

For the past month we've had sickness in this house. At times it's been ugly. First Sammy and Steve had a cold for a week or so. Then Jenny developed this fever which stuck around for about 9 days. At first I had read about people's kids having this flu/fever and it lasting a long time so I just figured that was it. I hesitated to take her to the dr because of all the other sicky things going around-I didn't want to take her in for one thing only to have her catch something else. Then Jake got the fever (after throwing up in the hall-sorry) and said his chest hurt when he breathed. I thought that was my cue-I had to get them in. So I took Jenny and Jake to the Express Med (like an ER alternative). Jenny had bronchitis and Jake had an ear infection. They both got antibiotics. By the next day Jenny's fever was gone. Serious mommy guilt ensues-if I had taken her in earlier would it have gotten better faster? That night, the night after we went to the Express Med, she threw up. Great. Next day everyone was getting better. By Wednesday Sammy felt pretty good-so she went to her dance class. That night she threw up. A bunch. Beginning to see a very scary pattern here. It wasn't pretty-she didn't make it to the bathroom in time. Next day she was perfectly fine but...Jake woke up and rushed to the bathroom-you guessed it. Threw up. After that everyone was fine-just the aftermath of colds, etc. No more throwing up, thank goodness. A few days later it was my turn. The telltale sore throat-it felt literally like my throat was all swollen and I cringed every time I swallowed. I whined a lot too-I'm worse than a man when I'm sick. No fever or nausea though and it progressed like a normal cold. Now I'm just coughing and clearing my throat a lot.

Sorry if any of that made anyone feel ill. Just wanted to explain why I haven't been blogging at all. Ü


Cyndi said...

I am right there with you with the coughing and throat clearing. Hope you guys all get better quick. Oh, and I tagged you on my blog. :)

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