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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New links added

I added a bunch of links to some of my favorite blogs plus other sites where I sometimes hang out. If anyone has suggestions for blogs or websites please let me know! Now that I can, I like to look at blogs and other crafty sites a lot.

1. I will be doing the Stampin' Up giveaway (a pay it forward RAK from this post) very soon. I need to decide what I am going to give away, order it and get it, and then I will post the giveaway. I don't want to give away something I don't have in hand.

2. I will be posting some cards soon. I have some made but haven't taken pictures of them yet. I can't post too many times in a day or I think my blog will get flagged by Blogger. Weird-I've never had a problem with posting too much.


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