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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thanks to all the commenters

I want to thank everyone for the comments on Jake's picture. He loved reading them and now he has quite the big head. He said "oh I can make more pictures!" so I told him I would start up his very own blog for posting his pictures. I can just see him making a dozen pictures a day and making me put them on MY blog.

Also I did not get the pictures of my cards taken yet. One of my jobs is to keep the Fishing for Deals Tupperware page updated and I had to work on that tonight. It was the worst yet-their page builder is great as long as you don't want any creative freedom. Since I do I have to use code and their site isn't friendly for that. It takes forEVER. I worked on it for about 4 hours tonight (this morning) and it isn't done yet (for September) but I am so I am off to bed.


fishlips said...

Wow your blog page is just stunning and what a talent you have everything is just amazing... Love this card and the layout is great and I'm loving the little frog the most!!!

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