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Monday, May 7, 2007

Fabriholics anonymous

Here's a picture of the fabrics I've bought just in the PAST COUPLE OF WEEKS.

Yes I have a problem. The good news is that most of it (all but the bottom two) were bought on sale for really cheap at Joann's or Alco. The bottom two were bought to go with some that I bought a while back at a quilt shop and neither one was cheap. Those two are the only ones I have real plans for. I had no idea how much I'd bought until I had it all washed and was folding it all up and putting it in a pile. Granted, my stash is nothing compared to a lot of other quilters (not that I even call myself a quilter-yet) but I haven't even been buying for very long yet. So I vow not to buy any more until I finish my curtains and one other big (lap size) project. Probably not the one with the expensive fabric because I have been discovering that I don't even have any business buying expensive fabric yet-not until I get a LOT more practice.

So speaking of my curtains, here are the flying geese units I had to make for it.

I had to make 96 of them but it didn't take that long because I used the fast flying geese method on this website. Note that there is a typo there. Where it says that 1 large and 4 small squares will make 2 flying geese units it should say that they make 4 units. I'm not completely sure I like this method better than the one where you put the squares on the ends of the one rectangle, stitch the diagonal, and then trim off the excess, but I do think it's quicker.


Katrina said...

Hi there;
Have you tried the Eleanor Burns way of making flying geese? It is really easy and very accurate. Of course you have to buy one of her square up rulers to do it but it is my favourite way.

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