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Monday, March 12, 2007

Amazing Race

We have not been watching The Amazing Race this season because, well, we hate Rob and Amber. Sorry, I know we shouldn't hate. We always tell the kids not to hate. But how can we not? They're so overexposed it's sickening. And we've been consistent; we've hated them both from the very first time we saw them (and every stinkin' time after). So when we heard that TAR was going to be an all-stars edition we hoped that Romber would not be invited. When we found out they were, we vowed not to watch the show until they were GONE. I read the spoilers online and when they came in first place 3 times in a row (FIX!!) we figured we'd end up missing most, if not all, of the season. Well tonight I read the sweetest spoiler of all-Rob and Amber are GONE GONE GONE!! I only wish we'd watched it or taped it now. It would have been nice to actually watch their misery. So starting next Sunday we'll be watching TAR once again. Hallelujah!!

How cute is that dancing broccoli? Hmm he'd be cuter if he wasn't in a cage. Need to read up on how to fix that.

edit: I figured out how to release the broccoli from his cage. Sort of. I made the border the same color as the background page. Ahh genius!


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