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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum today. It was a lot of fun, but it takes so long to get there, and we never get going as early as we'd like, so we don't get as much time there as we'd like. And as usual the kids fought all the way there, then while we were there Jake decided about 90% of it was 'boring and mostly for grownups'. He changed his mind after a while though-he actually had fun (imagine!). We saw the neatest movie about how glass blowers make glass shapes. They have a big display of blown glass and it's so neat. Then when they were closing in about 15 minutes we told the kids it was time to get going. Jenny was mad that they close 'too early' and she stayed mad the entire way home-almost 2 hours. Finally she said she was sorry for acting that way but it was a little late for that by then. It really makes me NOT want to go anywhere fun with them.

Speaking of going anywhere, we went shopping on Friday (about an hour away from home) and Jake was a monster the entire time. Steve said next time he would keep Jake with him and the girls and I could go alone. That is something to look forward to! Anyway we went to Kohls (among many other stores) to get dancing clothes for Sammy. While there we got a shirt for Jenny. When Sammy put on her new leotard it had a little hole in the shoulder. When Jenny put on her new shirt, it had a slice down the front of it (about 1" long). It's getting really sad when you have to inspect every square inch of an article of clothing to make sure it's not holey or ripped. I doubt we'll have time to drive all the way back to return/exchange them so I guess I'll just do my best to fix them. I'm not as worried about the leotard since it's just for dance classes but Jenny's shirt is really cute and I am so not happy about a big cut right in the front of it. And this was from Kohls, which I always thought of as having good quality clothes. Maybe there's no such thing anymore.

We also went to a quilt shop there. I haven't been to any quilt shop in years and years (there isn't one near us) and it was fun. It would have been more fun without the constant "are we done here yet" comments but I managed to spend a bunch of $$ on some cute cute fabric. Now I need to sew it into something.


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