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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Slow around here

Nothing has been happening lately. My headaches are back-they seemed to get better when I got new glasses but now I've had one for a few days again so apparently that wasn't the whole problem. I guess it's time to call the doctor. ugh. So as a result I haven't been doing any crafts or anything. I have been shopping still though. Seems nothing can stop that. I ordered some crocs for all 3 kids (disney for Sammy and Jenny and plain for Jake-he wants to use jibbitz in his). If you need crocs or any other shoes has coupons right now. $10 off 1 pair or $20 off 2 pairs. If you're new to shoebuy you also get a 10% additional discount. The codes are: 1 pair of shoes use 1springfl07 = 10.00 off and for 2 pair of shoes use 2springfl07 = 20.00 off. I ordered Jenny's yesterday afternoon and within 4 hours I had a ship notice. They're due to arrive tomorrow. They are the same as mine (even the same size) so we'll have to mark them somehow to keep them straight. Otherwise she might accidentally wear mine and then they'll be trashed. She's hard on everything.

I posted a while back, in my old blog, about the dishwasher we got. I hated it. Not only did it do a crappy job of cleaning, it took two and a half hours to clean crappily. After I complained every single night about it (sorry couldn't help it) Steve told me to pick out a different one and we would return the first one. There was one in the Sears ad that looked promising so I went in to check it out. They didn't have one in stock or on display but they could still tell me about it right? Wrong. They knew nothing about it. It wasn't online either. So the salesman said he would find out and call me. He did call but still didn't know anything. He had called all of his resources and no one knew about this dishwasher. It was in the Sunday AD for God's sake. Shouldn't SOMEONE know something? He kept at it though, and finally got some information for me (after over a week-good thing it was still on sale). It sounded like it had all the features I wanted so we ordered it. It was in yesterday so we took the old one back and picked up the new. It's getting hooked up right now as I type so I'm looking forward to trying it out. I have dishes that have sat since Monday night. Go ahead and call me a spoiled brat. It won't hurt my feelings-I swear. Because it's true.


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