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Monday, March 12, 2007

Some craft stuff

I posted these wallhangings on my old blog but I figured maybe different people are reading this one, and I'm kinda proud of myself for actually finishing them, so I'm posting them again. If you've seen them already, ignore. Actually if you've seen them scroll way down because at the bottom of this post will be a picture of my debbie mumm blocks I've done so far. Anyway the two are both from books by Nancy Halvorsen. The first one is the "bless this home" wallhanging. I used the "birthing" method rather than binding it, which to me, sounds kinda gross. Plus I didn't much like it. Basically you make the top like normal, then when you put on the batting and backing you do it kind of like a pillow where the right sides are together (batting on the outside), stitch all around leaving an opening to turn it, and then turn, press and hand stitch the opening closed. There's a lot less hand stitching than the regular binding method but for some reason I just prefer binding.

The next one is one that I did blocks from a book, and put them together. The book is really alphabet blocks with a few angel blocks for accents and I just made the angel blocks and put in some sashing and a border. I did regular binding on this one and I like that much better. I used mostly 30's fabrics which I absolutely love. They're so cheerful and bright plus I love anything with a retro look about it.

These are the January and February blocks from the Debbie Mumm Block of the Month project. I'm not doing it with all matchy matchy fabrics like she did so mine will be somewhat scrappy looking. So far I'm pretty happy with it (but after only 2 blocks it's hard to tell what I'll think later). I have yet to do the March block. I'll probably wait until the 31st of March to start on it. HA! Oh, if these blocks look like something's missing, well that's because it is. I'll do the embroidery stitches and buttons for the frog's eyes after the batting is on (or maybe after the whole thing is done). I just like doing it that way rather than stitching through the single layer of fabric.

I also bought some cute Serendipity fabric (I think by P&B Textiles, not sure) and some Spring Fling fabrics by Moda. The fabrics are too cute to cut them up into little pieces so I'm going to do a simple big block lap quilt (one with each line since they don't go together) with some sashing and probably cornerstones and borders. I'll post them when I get them done. I actually have a large pieced wallhanging I'm still working on-I'm doing a pieced backing for it so when I get that done I'll post a picture of it too.


Michelle Russell said...

Great job on the blog, Gale! I love to see your quilts...excellent job! Now let's see some more of your Stampin' Up cards!!! :)


UnderstandingHumanKind said...

I didn't know you did quilting!! Great job on the wall hangings and I have a feeling the butterfly one will look WONDERFUL!!!

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