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Monday, April 9, 2007

My quilt back

Here is the back of my cat quilt. I did the pieced back to save money but I hated it.

It does look neat though-like a whole 'nother quilt. Here's how I did it: I took all of the pieces leftover from the fat quarters I used on the quilt and cut them into 4.5" strips of random lengths. I tried to keep the lengths between 6" and 12". I cut all of those up and needed a few more so I picked out a few fat quarters that I didn't think I'd use on anything else and cut those too. I was aiming to make the back about 2" or more bigger than the quilt all around. I wrote all the sizes on a piece of paper so that I could figure out which lengths to put in each long row so that they would be fairly even. I sewed each row together and pressed the seams open to reduce the bulk. Then I laid out all the rows on the floor and rearranged them (multiple times) so that I wouldn't have the same fabrics next to each other (I did a little though-on the green) and no seams matching up-I wanted the pieces in a sort of staggered pattern. I sewed the rows together and pressed those seams open. It sounds a lot easier than it really was. I do like the sewing part of making a quilt but I didn't like sewing this backing together.


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