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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My quilt

I finally got this done! Well pretty much done. I should probably put some eyes on it (although it looks ok without the eyes to me) and I need to figure out how I want to hang it. This is my first pieced top-it's called "Cat on a Nine Patch". I actually did a pieced doll quilt about 12 yrs ago but it was so small that I'm not counting it. This one seemed to take a long time although I guess a month or so isn't that long in quilting. It's not very big though-only about 37 x 43 inches. I'm doing more small quilts for practice before I tackle a big one, but I'm hoping to do them bigger than this one. I didn't take a picture of the back yet. I forgot. But here's the front:

the quilting is done in the ditch on most of it, with clear thread. The quilting on the cat is just 3" wide stitching in black thread-you can't really see it I guess. I decided not to quilt in the borders since they're not that wide anyway. The heart was done with freezer paper applique. Not much fun if you ask me-I'll stick with the fusible kind for most projects. I did the continuous method for the binding and I'm not sure if I'll attempt that again. It wasn't so bad except that the seams (I had to piece the fabrics for the binding) fell right at the corners. The fabrics are the 30's reproduction fabrics. I love them-they're so colorful and cheerful. A lady at the quilts your way message board gave me the magazine that had this pattern-I had seen hers posted at the board and asked her where she found the pattern. She told me it was in a magazine and offered to send it to me. People can be so nice.

I'm already planning my next quilt project. I haven't really been in the mood to stamp lately but I do need to at least make my 10 christmas cards for March and now April.


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